Why are glass jars popular in cosmetic packaging?

Why are glass jars popular in cosmetic packaging?

For many foods, cosmetics and other products, wide mouth jar packaging is an important packaging container. In recent years, people tend to use plastic PET as packaging container. However, glass jars are still very popular in the packaging market.

First of all, glass jars are used for packaging candies, dried fruits and honey, pickles and other food, as well as for product display packaging.

Secondly, the cream glass jar, including face cream, eye cream, mask and so on, needs to use bottle stool.

Finally, glass jars are also used to hold a variety of home-made wines.

So why are glass jars so popular?

The first reason is that glass jars look more upscale and textured.

The second reason is that the glass jars material is more stable and reliable. In order to store cosmetics for a long time, they need stable materials and are not easy to react with the contents. Other packaging, such as plastics, is clearly not comparable to glass cans in terms of material stability and safety.

Generally speaking, glass jars have more advantages than plastic cans in packaging cosmetics.


Post time: Apr-02-2020