What are the common types of glass jars and what are the advantages of glass tea ?

What are the common types of glass jars and what are the advantages of glass tea ?

 Glass is an ancient building material, which appeared as early as the ancient Egyptian period. With the common development of human society, the glass industry has created a variety of glass with unique functions, making the glass family continue to prosper, such as bulletproof glass, photoelectric glass, vacuum glass, etc., all playing an irreplaceable role in their respective fields. We will introduce the common types of glass jars and explain the advantages of glass tea.

1. What are the common types of glass bottles and jars ?

There are many types of classified glass bottles and jars, and there are many classification methods.

①According to the appearance, there are general bottle jars, handle bottle jars and tube-shaped bottle jars, etc., with a holding capacity of 1ml~25l.

②According to the bottom shape, there are round, oval, square, rectangular, flat and other bottles and jars, mostly round.

③According to the size of the bottle mouth, there are bottles and jars such as wide mouth, small mouth and spray mouth. Bottles with an inner diameter greater than 30mm, without shoulders or less shoulders are called wide-mouth bottles, which are often used to hold semi-fluid and powdery or block solid objects; those with an inner diameter of less than 30mm are called small-mouth bottles, which are often used to hold various fluid objects.

④According to the matching form of bottle mouth and bottle cap, there are continuous thread bottle mouth, cork bottle mouth, pouring bottle mouth, crown cap bottle mouth, rolling cap bottle mouth, plastic cap bottle mouth, and spray bottle mouth. , Press-unscrew the bottle mouth, side seal-pry open the bottle mouth, glass stopper frosted bottle mouth, handle bottle mouth and tube bottle mouth and other bottles. The size and tolerance of the bottle mouth are standardized.

⑤According to the use requirements of bottles and jars, there are one-time use of bottles and jars and recycling of bottles and jars. Once-used bottles and jars are discarded once they are used; recycled bottles and jars can be recycled multiple times for turnover.

⑥According to the molding method, there are molded bottles and control bottles. The molded bottle is made by directly forming the glass liquid in the mold; the control bottle is made by first drawing the glass liquid into a glass tube, and then processing and forming.

⑦According to the color of the bottles and jars, there are colorless, colored and milky bottles. Most of the glass jars are clear and colorless, which can keep the contents in a normal image. Followed by green and brown. Green ones are usually used for beverages; brown ones are used for medicines or beer. They can absorb ultraviolet light and help protect the contents. The United States stipulates that the average wall thickness of such colored glass bottles and jars should be such that the transmittance of light waves with a wavelength of 290 to 450 nm is less than 10%. A few cosmetics, creams and ointments are packed in opalescent glass bottles.

Second, what are the advantages of glass tea ?

1. Heat-resistant material: can be heated by candle alcohol;

2. High permeability: Fully transparent glass material, you can enjoy the beauty of tea/flowers/fruits stretch directly through the brewing process;

3. The original taste is reproduced: because the glass has no pores, it will not absorb the taste of scented tea, so you can taste the original taste of high standards, and it is easy to clean and the taste does not remain.

4. Elegant shape: specially designed for brewing scented tea, with crystal clear texture, you can see the light tea color of herbal tea, and enjoy the fun of drinking tea.

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