Three trends drive the growth of cosmetics bottles and perfume bottles

Three trends drive the growth of cosmetics bottles and perfume bottles

     A new study by TMR has identified three drivers for the growth of the cosmetic bottles and perfume bottles market in most countries, and the company also expects the cosmetic bottles and perfume bottles market to grow by approximately 5% from 2019 to 2027.

    Taking note of this study, trends in the cosmetic bottles and perfume bottles market (mostly glass jars and bottles) seem to follow similar dynamics in the cosmetic industry as a whole. Three of the trends are:


     Spending on beauty and wellness care is on the rise:


     Research shows that beauty salons and beauty centers are one of the industries that benefit very much, with users focused on beauty and health. Consumers are willing to pay a lot of money to get timely beauty treatments and services from experienced people. The emergence of more and more of these commercial enterprises and the changing patterns of consumer spending on the services they provide are driving the market for cosmetics bottles and perfume bottles. In addition, the use of colored cosmetics in the commercial sector is relatively high relative to individuals, which in turn will contribute to the demand for cosmetics bottles and perfume bottles during the forecast period.


      Gorgeous goods and sophisticated packaging are increasingly attractive:


     According to the study, advanced packaging helps improve consumers' satisfaction with a brand and increases their chances of re-purchasing and recommending it to others. Major players operating in the cosmetic bottle and perfume bottle markets in most countries are expanding their product lines by introducing a variety of luxury glass packaging products for use in cosmetics and perfumes. This will increase the demand for glass packaging bottles over the forecast period. Advanced packaging uses unique materials such as leather, silk and even canvas for traditional glass bottles and jars. Common gorgeous effects trends include glitter and soft touch coatings, matte varnishes, metallic sheens, pearlescent coatings and enhanced UV coatings.


     Cosmetics and perfumes are growing in penetration in developing countries:


     Emerging economies are expected to generate favourable demand for cosmetics and perfume products and their packaging. India is one of the fastest growing markets for cosmetics consumption and production. Most manufacturers of cosmetics and perfume bottles target customers in emerging economies such as Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Southeast Asia, in particular, is a lucrative market for cosmetics, thanks to economic stability and changing consumption patterns among its urban middle classes. India, ASEAN and Brazil are expected to offer an attractive incremental opportunity for most of the country's cosmetic and perfume bottle markets in the coming years.




Post time: Jan-25-2021