The food storage jars

The food storage jars

Glass bottles and jars are packaging containers for food, beverages and many products. They are widely used. Glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. With many packaging materials pouring into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace.

Widely used as packaging containers for beverages, alcohol, chemicals, medicines, cultural and educational supplies, and cosmetics. Glass jars are transparent, easy to clean, have good chemical stability, do not pollute the contents, have high air-tightness, excellent storage performance, and are rich in styles and decorations. They can be recycled and used many times and have abundant raw materials. However, glass jars are easy to break and have a large weight-to-volume ratio. These shortcomings are gradually being improved with the development of process technology.

Factory supply glass mason jars

Mason jar is a kind of sealed container that can be used to store food. Because of its fresh appearance, rich size and strong plasticity, it has also derived many new uses.

The Mason jar was invented by John L. in 1858. The original intention of inventing this jar was to prolong the life of food, just like the way food is preserved at home with pickled vegetables and sauces. If these preserved foods are to be preserved for a long time, they need containers with excellent airtightness, so The Mason jar was invented.

The mason jar is separated from the jar and the lid. The lid has one-piece, two-piece, perforated, and even a piggy bank lid. The secret of making it sealed is the two-piece lid. Put the glass bottle in hot water to keep it at a certain temperature. Put the finished hot jam into the jar, then close the lid and put it back in hot water to heat it, and finally put it at room temperature. cool down. After some thermal expansion and contraction, when you unscrew the two-piece outer ring and the cover does not move, the sealing is already successful.
Our factory supply mason jars perfect for canning, pickling, preserving, and fermenting fruits and veggies that can be canned and sealed for up to 18 Months. Embossed measurement markings for precise filling. Label line for writing dates and identifying contents.
DURABLE GLASS CONSTRUCTION - Made in soda-lime glass, FDA approved and,Toxin-free ensuring food grade quality. Heat-tempered durability for water bath canning, microwave and dishwasher safe; clear glass for easy visibility; wide mouth for easy filling and washing.

AIRTIGHT SEAL - Time-tested sealing compound, ensures a quality air-tight seal with each lid. Refrigerate up to 3 weeks, for freeze capacity Fill up till 12 oz . freeze - fresh preserve and store up to 1 year; lid and bands allows you to test with dull sounds for best seal.
FOOD PRESENTATION AND DIY - Create and serve beverage drinks, cocktails, smoothies, parfaits, desserts, salads, and overnight oats. DIY - Decor and craft with a vintage style jar for parties and displayed centerpieces, or as a unique gift. Spruce up decor arrangements with acrylic paint, flowers, etc.



Wholesale Round Storage Glass Jars with Metal Lids

Beautiful Clear Glass - Each round glass jar is madef crystal clear, blemish free glass to ensure the highest visibility possible, allowing you to easily see the jelly jars contents and determine if they’re spoiled. These smooth jars are also the perfect canvas for adorning with decorations for arts and crafts and DIY projects.
Great for Canning - Perfect for preserving and canning enthusiasts; this canning jar is shaped and sized for canning homemade small peppers, jams, jellies, preserves, tomato sauces, salsa, and a variety more.
Great for Storage - Eco-friendly and reusable storage of seasonings, spices, dressings, and baby food. The plastic airtight lid is lined with BPA-free foam for a tight seal that keeps food fresh and extends its shelf life. The jar is also a great organizational tool for any loose items you want to store in a rustic way.
Full Width Mouth - Wide mouth makes it easy to fill and empty the jar and allows you to easily eat out of it with a utensil. The wide opening allows easy accessibility to the bottom of the jar for easy and thorough cleaning by hand with a sponge.
Quality of the Glass - Made of high-quality soda lime glass that resists cracking and breaking and is dishwasher safe. Our glass is 100% food safe and lead free for healthy food storage and beverage drinking.


glass honey jar with dipper

Factory Hexagon Glass Jar

Our factory supply hexagon jars are made of high quality glass.

Advantages: To help you clean conveniently, we have specially equipped you with 2pcs brushes to clean the corners of the glass jar, hoping to bring you a good shopping experience.

Widely used: great glass Spice jars,decorate hexagon glass jars with rope and cards, they can be used as gifts for weddings and parties, and can also be used to store spices, jams, jellies, and other foods.


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