The best container for wine-glass bottles

The best container for wine-glass bottles

In China, it is very common to preserve wine in wine cellars. It is not easy for glass bottle manufacturers to keep good wines intact for a long time. There are many factors, such as air temperature, wine packaging, alcohol content, storage. The environment will have a lot of influences, among which the packaging method is the most important link. Nowadays, the packaging of wine is mostly divided into ceramics (cans, altars) and glass bottles.

A lot of folk loose wines. Most of the local traditional wine workshops used ceramic jars to hold wine, which also gave birth to thousands of years of wine culture in China. Many well-known cellar wineries have also been using ceramic altars for cellar wine, which has also formed. It has gained the reputation of cellar wine treasures, but because of the ceramic container firing process, the storage time of the earthenware pottery can leak, which will affect the quality of the wine, and it is also very troublesome to handle.

In 1953, China’s first five-year plan began to define food, sugar, oil, cloth, and packaging and other necessities as planned supplies of commodities, which must be distributed by national companies (supply and marketing agencies, tobacco and alcohol companies). For the same packaging of wine, glass bottles are used naturally. Compared to ceramics, this container is much better than broken ceramics. It has no leakage, is easy to store, and is easy to handle. It was widely used. At that time, Fen Jiu and Luzhou Laojiao also used glass wine bottles. Guojiao Maotai also began to use glass bottles in 1966 and continues to this day.

Objectively speaking, glass bottles of wine packaging may not be the perfect packaging, but because of its material, manufacturing process and other unparalleled features, it will allow wine and fruit sparkling wine manufacturers to continue to use it. , Glass bottle is also the best cost-effective packaging container for wine.

Post time: Jan-20-2020