Is it harmful to drink water from borosilicate glass cups?

Is it harmful to drink water from borosilicate glass cups?

Many people often ask whether it is harmful to drink water from high borosilicate glass cups? In fact, it is a misunderstanding caused by everyone's lack of understanding of borosilicate glass. High borosilicate glass bottle (also known as hard laminated glass) is produced by using the characteristics of the electrical conductivity of laminated glass at high temperature. It is a kind of unique glass with low moisture content, heat resistance, high toughness, high toughness, high light transmittance and high organic chemical reliability. Turntable, high temperature tea cups, etc. Nowadays, many glass water cups on the market are all made of high borosilicate glass. Compared with traditional laminated glass, this type of water cup is more heat-resistant and ultra-low temperature, and is a safer glass fiber reinforced plastic material.

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Why are high borosilicate glass cups safer? Because high borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of linear expansion, it is about one third of that of ordinary glass. This feature reduces the damage caused by temperature gradient stress as soon as possible, and thus has stronger anti-fracture properties. Because its shape error is very small, it also makes it an indispensable raw material for telescopes and reflective lenses. Although its thermal shock resistance is strong, it does not mean that it is not easy to crack due to rapid temperature change. All normal glass breakage is shattering. The cracks of high borosilicate glass are usually blocky, which also At a certain level, the damage index is smaller.

So in daily life, how do people distinguish whether they are high borosilicate glass materials? Do you still remember doing chemical experiments in middle school, common test tube babies? That is the high borosilicate glass material, because the high borosilicate glass has a very high organic chemical reliability, and is heat-resistant, and can be heated immediately. Usually, the borosilicate glass cups that people usually buy have high definition, light weight, and the bottom end is relatively thin. Generally, the water cups with the thicker bottom end are not made of borosilicate glass; most of the double-layer glass cups that people often see are high Borosilicate Pyrex glass. High borosilicate glass has high temperature resistance, relatively high cost, and high borosilicate glass has higher clarity and smoother touch than ordinary glass. Even the glass feeding bottles used to feed the baby are made of high borosilicate glass material, and its safety factor is obvious. Now you still ask the question of whether drinking water from high borosilicate glass cups is harmful?

Post time: Feb-15-2022