How to choose glass wine bottles?

How to choose glass wine bottles?

      Faced with many glass wine bottle products, many wine companies and users do not know how to choose?

      Many glass bottle purchasers will ask such a puzzled question: Why is the price of the same glass bottle different when it is purchased? With regard to this question, people in the wine packaging industry will give you an explanation.

      The factors that determine the price of glass bottles firstly depend on the production cost. Glass bottles can be divided into green material, ordinary white, high white, milky white, crystal white, etc., and the raw materials used are also different. Among them, green material is the cheapest and crystal white is the most expensive. It looks like the same glass product on the outside, and the price is very different. Then there is the production process. A simple glass bottle can be made by every manufacturer, but the production process of each glass bottle factory is different. The smoothness and shape of the product made by good craftsmanship are much better, which makes the price different.

      The production of glass bottles has a close relationship with the MOQ, which is also a key factor in determining the price. The general minimum order quantity is 12,000. If the quantity is large (above 100,000), the price will naturally be relatively cheaper.

     If it is the order bottle type and the spot, there is still a difference. In order to produce glass bottles, the manufacturer must calculate the overall output ratio, and the price will be fully considered, while the spot is cheaper, so as to avoid the backlog of goods and the long-term occupation of funds.

     Low season and peak season are also a factor that affects product prices. Knowing how glass manufacturers price their products will help you purchase glass bottles.

 The price of glass wine bottles depends on the following factors

l. Glass wine bottles are divided into high white, crystal white, ordinary white, milky white bottles and colorful bottles (painted and glazed imitation porcelain bottles). Which kind of wine is used, such as Moutai many milky white wine bottles and white wines. Transparent glass wine bottle. Colored bottles are used for wine and beer. In the selection, the selection is made according to the specific use needs and requirements, and the actual use standards and methods are determined, which can fully demonstrate certain performance and advantages.

Different materials have different prices

2. The tightness of the bottle body and cap. This depends on the credit of the bottle cap. The bottle cap mainly plays a role of sealing. The types of bottle caps are divided into plastic caps, glass caps, aluminum caps and aluminum-plastic combined caps according to the material. The plastic caps are divided into three groups of caps according to the structure. Five groups and seven groups, etc., according to the process of casting color, painting, electroplating, UV, water plating, etc.; aluminum cover is divided into aluminum cover and alumina cover, glass cover is divided into solid glass cover and hollow glass cover, etc.

Different structure prices are different, different process prices are different

3. Quality standards for glass wine bottles. Different manufacturers have different product quality standards, such as refractive index, internal stress, shock resistance and other indicators, which are not distinguished by professionals. The quality of the glass bottles produced will be different if the standard requirements are different.

Different quality and price

4. There is a big gap in the comprehensive level of software and hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality of manufacturers. The quality and performance of glass wine bottles produced by different equipment are slightly different. When purchasing, we must check the strength of the manufacturer and the situation of the production equipment.

Different production equipment prices are different

5. The cost of glass bottles. The price of glass wine bottles also depends on the cost of the product. Products with different materials and specifications, the functions used, life span, and safety performance are different. When buying glass wine bottles, many people only pay attention to the price, thus ignoring the safety. Compared with the manufacturing of glass wine bottles, Shandong Xingda Glass Bottle Factory has higher material requirements than other domestic manufacturers, fine workmanship, and stronger durability. At the price, choose our products and The selling price of products from other manufacturers will be a little different. For many years, each glass bottle of the same style is five cents higher than other manufacturers in the same industry.

Different manufacturers have different prices

6. The purchase amount of glass wine bottles. Generally, small-scale wineries may only purchase a few thousand or 10,000 or so when buying. The price provided by our manufacturers will not fluctuate too much. However, for one-time purchase of 100,000 or more than hundreds of thousands, there will be long-term continuous demand. For large-volume customers, our manufacturers will drastically lower the price of glass bottles or increase rebates based on the purchase volume to better serve customers.

Different quantities and prices are different!

7. Order time for glass bottles. The price of glass wine bottles will also be determined according to the ordering cycle of the product. Compared with the product of glass wine bottles, glass wine bottle manufacturers mostly produce according to order and quantitative production during product production. Therefore, when many customers buy, If glass wine bottle manufacturers do not have stock or inventory, they need to reschedule the production if they want to buy. The production cycle ranges from 15-20 working days, and those with stock will also take into account the fact that customers are not in a hurry. To increase the price of glass bottles.

Different prices at different times!

8. When the glass bottles leave the factory, the packaging methods include: woven bags, cartons, and pallets.

Different packaging methods have different prices.

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