Advantages of glass storage jars

Advantages of glass storage jars

Our love for food has expanded and evolved with time. These days, we are not only conscious of what we eat but also how we store them. Recent studies found that nearly 40 per cent of the food that we buy goes bad before consumption. Shocking, right? A major reason for this is improper storage. So today, we walk through the best of traditional as well as new storage ideas that are easy as well as super effective.


Plastic containers are a common sight in everyone’s kitchen. They are durable, economic, and can take a rough handling. Plastic bowls are especially useful for storing items at room temperature. Closed-lid ones on the other hand, can be used to refrigerate fish, meat, or vegetables without having to worry about their smell spreading around. A problem with plastic though, is they tend to wear out relatively sooner and often pick up the smell of the food stored in them. Glass containers are a healthier alternative to plastic and a popular choice these days. Not only do they look more refined, glass containers can last years if used carefully. Because of their bulkier nature, they are ideal for storing cooked food and leftovers.


mason jar


Green herbs like coriander, basil, etc are notorious for going bad too soon. Experts said that the best way to store fresh herbs is to transfer them into small cups or jars filled with water, and pop them into the freezer. A bit of research also reveals that vegetables like carrots, celery and potatoes can stay fresh for a longer period if refrigerated in canning jars full of water. Mason jars are almost identical to canning jars with some technical differences. They come with a wide rim that gives a better sealing surface, and keeps air and moisture away. Although on the expensive side, these are extremely helpful for storing dry items, salads, dip sauce, or even thick smoothies. Stretchable silicone lids have created quite a buzz lately and rightfully so. True to their name, these lids can be stretched to fit any bowl, jar, or mug, turning them into containers instantly. Silicone lids are also microwave, freezer, and oven safe, so we do not need to go through the trouble of shifting bowls when storing or heating the food.

Post time: Jan-25-2022