application market

  • Health & Beauty

    Health & Beauty

    We specialize in providing high quality glass bottles for the health and beauty industry. We manufacture different cosmetic bottles. Our featured products are 10ml to 100ml square and round perfume bottles; dropper bottles, cream bottles, lotion bottles,etc. in different colors and capacities. we provide logo, label customization, and provide different caps for you choose. We will be your professional glass bottle supplier partner.

  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    We produce a wide range of food and beverage glass bottles for a wide range of uses and specifications. They also have the highest food safety standards and are ideal for food storage. Honey bottles, jam jars, coffee jar, canning jars, wine bottles, beverage bottles, milk bottles, etc. According to customer requirements, these bottles can be designed and customized to customer satisfaction. Our glass bottles are FDA certified, safe and healthy.

  • Home & Decoration

    Home & Decoration

    We offer high quality glass candle jars and glass aromatherapy bottles for home decoration. Candle jars are available in a variety of colors and capacities, and you can choose from different candle jars to decorate different rooms. High-end, square, round, aroma bottles of different colors, add fragrance to your room.

  • Sanitary & Kitchen

    Sanitary & Kitchen

    We use high-quality, lead-free glass bottles to provide customers with good service. High-end hand sanitizer bottles, spray bottles, different shapes, capacities and colors. Glass food containers made of food-grade glass are used to store kitchen supplies. Coffee grinder, butter chrun jar, pepper grinder and more to make your life more convenient.


We can help you realize your ideas. After we fully understand your needs, we can design 3D drawings according to your requirements. Once the design is complete, a specification drawing of the bottle is made. We also provide box design.



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